4 key reasons to wear MAMBA-TRI:

We researched:

We researched and tracked the major muscle groups used in various sports as well as the muscles which were most prone to injury. We then constructed our suits to aid muscle wrapping compression areas to look after two vital aspects; less muscle fatigue and more comfort in the race, which leads to greater performance and recovery.


Our goal has always been to develop sports compression, not just everyday compression. We work to select the correct ingredients to optimize the power, moisture management and lightness, and no one else in the industry can even hit our formulation, innovation and functionality.


From the ground up, MAMBA products have been engineered to give you that extra edge. Be it an extra rep or seconds off your split, our garments are built to facilitate your training to a heightened level of performance and comfort.


worn by world champion athletes and sports teams that compete in Ironman across the globe,we’re proud to endorsed by the world’s leading sports athletes and celebrities alike.