Sheffield Uni athletics kit

Improved Performance….

**Updated** On the 12/13th January 2019, MAMBA apparel got to feature some new athletic race vests at the Northern Athletics prestigious ‘North of England Championships’ in Sheffield.The University of Sheffield Athletics and Cross Country club got to debut their new men’s and women’s black camo with gold highlighted sections, keeping in theme of there club colours in a multitude of events, along with the Famous Preston Harriers blue, white and red classic vests. We’re looking forward to working with Sheffield Uni’s future athletic kit preparations with compression tights, hoodies and much more.


MAMBA don’t just make the best apparel – they make the club. From club logo to new training and racing kit – we work to enhance your club’s identity and help you attract new members, as well as kit your proud current members out in the best custom athletic kit. With our Project with the Sheffield athletics team, our mission was to supply them with technically advanced fabrics to protect them through the elements, and innovative designs to keep athletes fresh and ready for the races ahead. Total satisfaction is our objective when dealing with all clients.

With our experience and expertise, we took their standard black and yellow race vest, maintained their colour palette and added an Elite black camo effect and a gold tint to the yellow, a champions colour, to the shoulders and emblems. Vests in mens and womens cut x 150 pieces were created and further items are in the pipeline after a successful collaboration.